Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fragments: Trudy Clare

This is a found person, the photo came from a flea market, it was marked from a Minnesota photographer. Trudy Clare is a nod to my mother's sister Gertie.  The cutwork in her hair really works well.

Personal printed image on chiffon,
upholstry fabric, machine stitched
25" H x 29.5" W
January 2019


Fragments: Sarah Rose

My paternal great grand mother Sarah McLaughlin Irwin

Personal printed image on chiffon, lace,
upholstry fabric, machine stitched
33" H x 24" W
January 2019


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fragments: Frederick Wilhelm

The same photo of my great grandfather but printed on chiffon and distressed to show the fabric underneath.

Personal printed image on chiffon, lace, 
upholstry fabric, machine stitched
33" H x 28" W
November 2018


Fred W

My great grandfatherFrederick Wilhelm. He emigrated from Germany at the age of 11.

Personal printed image on cotton, whole cloth, lace, colored pencil, machine stitched
34" H x 8" W
December 2018


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kitchen Conversation

Personal image, rick-rack, button, commercial fabric, machine stitched
70" H x 53" W
June 2018

A quilt based on the song The Times They are A Changin. The statement is about how communication has evolved greatly since the 50's. not necessarily for the better. The best conversations are in the kitchen with your mom!

Rosie II

Personal image printed on chiffon, commercial fabric, machine stitched
49" H x 30" W
August 2018


Another experiment with printing on chiffon. Rosie was my paint horse. A chubby mare with a personality, if she got tired of you she would roll her shoulder and tip you off. She never pulled it on me but I watched her do it to her new owners a couple of times.


Personal image on chiffon, commercial fabrics, machine stitched
33.25" H x 21" W
July 2018


My mom Bea when she was pregnant with my oldest brother Bill. Another print on chiffon. I love her smile.